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Tapered Roller Bearings



Tapered roller bearings are designed to make their conical rollers and raceways so that all elements of the roller and raceways cones meet at a common apex on the bearing axis. The rollers are guided by the contact between the large end of the roller and the rib on the inner ring (cone). This construction provides a high radial, axial, and combined loads capacity. The larger the contact angle, the greater the loading capacity becomes. When a pure radial is placed on the bearing, an induced load in the axial direction is also generated. So these bearings are generally used in pairs opposing each other. Proper running clearance or preload can be obtained by adjusting the distance of the two approaches against one another. Since the inner (cone)and outer (Cup) rings are detachable, each can be mounted individually, allowing both rings to use tight-fitting practices.

Tapered Roller Bearings

Both metric and inch systems are standardized by bearing series, widely used. The metric system’s specified in ISO (ISO 355) and JIS B 1512, and the inch system (including the J series) is standardized in AFBMA standard.

Press Steel cages are generally used in these bearings. However, large-size directions use machined or pin-type cages. Smaller sizes sometimes use plastic enclosures, depending on the application.

SUBUNITS: Tapered roller bearings can be disassembled into subunits. This is the inner ring with rollers (cone) and the outer rings (cup). The subunit dimensions are standardized on ISO and AFBMA standards; the unified subunits provide interchangeability within each dimensional standard. Furthermore, since high precision grade bearings are not interchangeable, these bearings should be assembling subunits with identical manufacturing numbers.

ALLOWABLE MISALIGNMENT: By suitably setting the contact condition of the rollers with the raceway ring, not only is edge loading prevented. The permissible misalignment between the inner and outer rings caused by mounting error can be permitted. The allowable misalignment for tapered roller bearing is about 0.0005 radian (0.,15’) for a single row or back to back arrangement is required by the path; please consult with Pengxin.


Technical Data

Inside Ø (mm): 35
Outside Ø (mm): 80
Bearing Width (mm): 22.75
Width Outer Ring (mm): 18
Width Inner Ring (mm): 21
Tolerance for inside-Ø (mm): 0/-0,012
Tolerance for outside-Ø (mm): 0/-0,016
Tolerance for Width of the bearing (mm): 0,2/0
Tolerance For Width Outer Ring (mm): 0/-0,12
Tolerance For Width Inner Ring (mm): 0/-0,12
Seal: open
Ring Material: Rolling bearing steel
Rolling Element Material: Rolling bearing steel
Cage Material: Rolling bearing steel
Magnetic: JA
Product weight: 0,5270 kg


  • has conical rollers as rolling elements
  • suitable for high combined loads in one direction
  • it also has an axial load carrying capacity on both sides in the X- or O-arrangement in pairs
  • is relatively narrow compared to their inner and outer diameter
  • excellent fixed bearing properties in one direction