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Quick Clamping Shaft Collar, Aluminum, Quick Release, 1 1/4″ Bore, 2.953″ OD 0.591″ Width



PengXin offers two types of quick clamping shaft collars that require no tools to be adjusted: the quick clamping shaft collar with a cam lever and the shaft collar with a clamping lever. Both are ideal for applications that require frequent setup changes or adjustments, such as those found in packaging and printing.

The quick clamping shaft collar with a cam lever features a cam lever that sits flush with the outside diameter, allowing the shaft collar to be precisely adjusted by hand. It is best suited for light-duty or low RPM applications. These collars are made from aluminum with a black anodized finish and have stainless steel hardware. They do not mar the shaft and are indefinitely adjustable. Bore sizes on the quick-clamping shaft collars with a cam lever range from 1/4″ to 3″ and 6mm to 75mm.

The shaft collar with a clamping lever combines one-piece shaft collars and flat handle adjustable clamping levers. The stainless steel threaded stud on the adjustable clamping lever is used in place of standard collar hardware. When combined, the two parts create a quick-release shaft collar with a ratcheting handle. Once the lever is installed in the shaft collar, users turn it until it meets their desired torque. Bore sizes range from 3/8” to 1 ½” and 11mm to 40mm.

Bore B
1.2500 in
Outer Diameter OD
2.953 in
Width W
0.591 in
Bore Tolerance
+.002 in / +.0005 in
Hex Wrench Size
Width Tolerance
+.003 in/-.001 in

How Do Quick Release Collars Work

The quick-release collar is designed to open easily when sudden force is applied. Made of nylon or nylon-coated leather, these collars are also adjustable. They are also very durable.
Traditional collars are designed to stay in place. These collars have a buckle or clasp. They are usually made of cotton, leather or nylon. They also have teeth that don’t open easily.

The only way to remove a traditional collar is to unbuckle the buckle. By design, removing the buckle in an emergency may be difficult.
Quick-release collars work similarly to buckle collars. They can be made of leather or cotton and can also be rolled up. They have a buckle on one end and a plastic clip on the other. These buckles are designed to open easily when light force is applied.

Tight-hold Quick-release Clamping Shaft Collars

Using tight-fitting quick-release clamping collars is an easy and secure way to attach machinery and tools to shafts. They have many applications and are available in various styles and sizes. You must make sure you choose the collar best for your application. There are several different styles of collars to choose from, including threaded holes, set screws, clip-on and C-style collars.

Threaded hole collars are ideal for high axial loads. These collars are easily removed without permanently damaging the shaft. Internal threads help provide better support and precise collar positioning along the threaded shaft.

Clip-on collars are another type of collar that use friction to lock the collar in place. These collars also work well under constant loads but can cause problems with high shock loads.